Thursday, May 24, 2012

Growth Chart Wall Stickers

Chart the growth of your child with one of these adorable growth charts!

Berikut ini rangkuman Growth Chart Wall Sticker yang ready stock:

1. Blue Giraffe (wall decal) Rp 80.000,- (ready stock)

2. Giraffe Neck (wall decal) Rp 110.000,-  (ready stock)

3. Growth Up / Yellow Giraffe (wall decal) Rp 135.000.-  (ready stock)

4. Tall Giraffe (wall decal) Rp 105.000,- only purple color  (ready stock)

5. Monkey (graphic sticker) Rp 105.000,- only soft pink and soft blue  (ready stock)

6. Circus (wall decal) Rp 130.000,- only orange, centimeter measure  (ready stock)

7. Animal Tower (excellent) Rp 130.000,- *out of stock*

8. Blue Forest (wall decal) Rp 250.000,- *new*  (ready stock)

9. Pink Forest (wall decal) Rp 250.000,- *new*  (ready stock)

10. Baby Giraffe (wall decal) Rp 90.000 (orange or green) tinggi sd 130cm, size: 50x150cm *new*

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