Thursday, May 31, 2012

Favorite Graphic Stickers Ready Stock

Sudah lama dinanti design2 yang sempat SOLD OUT beberapa waktu yang lalu.
Check di WALL DECAL album.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Growth Chart Wall Stickers

Chart the growth of your child with one of these adorable growth charts!

Berikut ini rangkuman Growth Chart Wall Sticker yang ready stock:

1. Blue Giraffe (wall decal) Rp 80.000,- (ready stock)

2. Giraffe Neck (wall decal) Rp 110.000,-  (ready stock)

3. Growth Up / Yellow Giraffe (wall decal) Rp 135.000.-  (ready stock)

4. Tall Giraffe (wall decal) Rp 105.000,- only purple color  (ready stock)

5. Monkey (graphic sticker) Rp 105.000,- only soft pink and soft blue  (ready stock)

6. Circus (wall decal) Rp 130.000,- only orange, centimeter measure  (ready stock)

7. Animal Tower (excellent) Rp 130.000,- *out of stock*

8. Blue Forest (wall decal) Rp 250.000,- *new*  (ready stock)

9. Pink Forest (wall decal) Rp 250.000,- *new*  (ready stock)

10. Baby Giraffe (wall decal) Rp 90.000 (orange or green) tinggi sd 130cm, size: 50x150cm *new*

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Restock Most Favorite Wall Decals

Design-design favorite Wall Decal sudah ready stock. Untuk yang berminat, bisa langsung email ke

Bisa dilihat di album lengkap: WALL DECAL